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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Solar Luminescent Pavers- NightTec by Unilock

NightTec by Unilock is a luminescent concrete paver that draws on solar power during the day and is self illuminating at night. NighTec is inconspicuous during daylight hours but offers additional lighting to hazardous areas during the night.

On the interior of the block luminescent materials 'charges themselves' through 'night lighting crystals' fused in the concrete. No external power or batteries are required.

Floating Tile and Plank Resilient Floor- Elevation Floors

Elevation Floors is a new type of flooring by Raskin Industries. This floating tile or resilient floor system is composed of 75% recycled content and uses a thin non-skid backing to float over existing construction. The products own weight and back coating holds it in place making it ideal for retro fit projects on a budget. The products weight, recycled content and aesthetic it make it competitive with traditional LVT.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Concrete Collaborative- Concrete Tiles and Pavers

The Concrete Collaborative is a new source for concrete tiles and pavers. They offer polished and honed concrete tiles, terrazzo and quartz tile, pre-cast pavers and modular wall tiles.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Innovative Work Space Solutions- Hum Office Systems Furniture- Kimball

Earlier today, our interior design group visited Office Plan's new showroom displaying Kimball office furniture. A product that struck us as unique and fresh was 'Hum Office'. Hum offers a new approach to open plan office seating using brightly colored decorative metal screens to design for collaboration within the workplace.

The decorative metal screens are meant to create a semi private work station with permeability to colleagues at other work stations. Instead of getting up out of your seat to collaborate, the permeable metal screens allow for quick collaboration with minimal disruption.

Wire management is cleverly concealed in a cable tray beneath the work surface that is also equip as a raceway for power/data.

Structural Sustainable Wood Panels- BBS Panels

"BBS Panels are structural solid wood panels made of sustainably harvested, fast-growth soft wood. By laminating longitudinal and cross layers (X-LAM), the natural forces of the wood (e.g. expanding, contracting, bending) are minimized to achieve great strength and stability. The panels are used primarily for structure, but can also provide a finished, exposed surface. The BBS panels are produced through a digital fabrication process where the shop drawings are transmitted to the plant as 3D CAD files. The panels are then CNC cut and shipped directly to the construction site." ~from

Acoustic Ceiling Tile- Digital Printed Images- Armstrong

Armstrong Ultima acoustic ceiling tiles are now able to have digital images printed directly on them. Budget material cost is $4-$5/ sq ft