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Friday, May 31, 2013

Coverings Etc- Interior/ Exterior Panels, Flooring and Countertops

Coverings Etc. manufacturers eco friendly materials that can be used in a variety of applications including: exterior or interior panels, flooring, wall tile and countertop/ worksurfaces. All products have high recycled content are are recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Two unique products that Coverings Etc offers are Bio-Luminum and Bio-Glass. Bio-Luminum are aluminum tiles made from retired airplanes. Bio-Luminum tiles perform well in high traffic areas as flooring or wall tile.

BioGlass is 100% recycled glass that can be used for flooring, wall panels and  countertops. For more information visit:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Energy Trumps- Embodied Energy Cards

Energy Trumps cards are a tool for understanding the impact of our material choices as designers and architects through study of the embodied energy in commonly specified products. Energy Trumps were created by the Agency of Design out of the UK. For more information visit:

Flexible Concrete Cloth- Miliken

Miliken offers Concrete Cloth a versatile option for difficult concrete applications. Concrete cloth can be used in endless applications (see images below for more applications). Concrete cloth can be installed in dry/ wet conditions. For more information visit:

Ceramic Surface Countertops- O-Kera by Okite

O-Kera is a ceramic surface for interior and exterior applications. The material is lightweight with high abrasion resistance. Countertops are manufactured in Italy and are a standard 6mm thick. For more information visit:

Decorative Architectural Panels- B+N Industries, Inc.

B+N Industries, Inc. has introduced a new panel aesthetic in their architectural panel line by Rex Ray. Panels are offered in laminate and infused veneer.

Other architectural panel offerings include the 'Iconic' series, composed of white laminate fused to a carved wood core.  Infused veneers and the 'Iconic' series graphics on natural carved reclaimed wood.
For more information visit

Reclaimed Hardwood- Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer Millworks is a source for reclaimed solid and engineered wood flooring. Flooring is sourced from reclaimed timbers, barn siding, panels, trusses and bowling lanes.  Pioneer offers a wide variety of wood species. For more information visit: