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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3M- Lighting- Flex

'Flex', by 3M, is a light fixture line with multiple light shape types that fit together (in straight or curves portions) to create custom- like fixtures from standard line offerings.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tandus- Recycled Carpet Backing ER3 and Ethose

Tandus recently came into our office and updated our staff and library with information on their recycled carpet backing. Tandus is the only carpet manufacturer with a closed loop recycled backing prodcut. For more information visit:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seeyond- Custom Architectural Panels

Seeyond allows designers and architects to create dynamic custom structures and hand folded panels. Designers have ultimate flexibility and free reign over the final product, many materials can be accommodated including wood, laminate and poly carb. Panels are precisely milled and come ready to install by 'snaping' them together on site with no tools or visible hardware. For more information visit:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Tile Standards- ANSI A137.1 and Crossville Product

Traditionally, designers and architects refer to the static coefficient of friction of 0.6 when selecting floor tile. The static coefficient of friction has always been a reccomendation or best practice followed but never code.  TCNA has adopted a new standard that has been officially included in ANSI 2012 under section A137.1. The dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) is the new standard test that is required by code for all floor tile products. Tiles will be required to have a DCOF of 0.42 or higher to meet the standard.  The DCOF test uses motion (and soapy wet surface) instead of a static dry/ static wet approach in testing since building occupants are in motion when slips happen on wet tile surfaces.

Crossville tile has published a chart with DCOFs for each tile line. Only polished products do not meet the new standard.

Other new product from Crossville includes Ecocycle Americana and Shades. Ecocyle Americana is an old product with a new recycled content story. All of Crossville's tile that contains recycled content now contains not only post industrial tile dust and scraps but, post consumer Toto porcelain plumbing fixtures. Toto plumbing fixtures have been crushed/ ground down into the recycled content mixture. For more information on Ecocycle Americana visit:

Shades is a new product Crossville developed for the Federal Building (by Mies Van Der Rohe) renovation in Chicago with expanded colorways. Shades has 20% pre- consumer recycled content and comes in matte or honed finish. For more information visit:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Watson- Tonic Benching System

Watson has introduced Tonic, a new benching system, that allows ultimate flexibility between its components. The system allows for reconfigurable privacy, data and space/size options. Tonic can accomodate traditional benching, telecom centers, hoteling, conference/collaborative space or separated work zones. For more information on Tonic visit:

USG- DXI Identitiee Grid Suspension System

USG has introduced a new type of 9/16" dual reveal grid for ACT, wood and metal panel lay in ceiling applications. The grid is sleek and adds to the visual interest of the ceiling. For more information visit:

Vibia- Link- Lighting

Vibia has introduced a new modular lighting system meant to mimic a city skyline. The system allows the designer to create unique configurations with four standard light sizes. Link requires one electrical connection for every eight sections. Link is dimmable and highly efficient.
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Enwork- Tables, Systems Furniture

Enwork is a table and systems furniture manufacturer new to the Pittsburgh market. Unlike most systems furniture companies they were founded eight years ago by a husband and wife team based in Michigan. Within that short period of time their business has rapidly expanded and line offerings increased. Enwork also offers the capability for easy custom furniture solutions. For more information visit:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Viroc- Exterior/ Interior Composite Panel

Viroc is a compressed composite material (composed of portland cement and wood particles) used as exterior/ interior cladding. Panels come in a variety of colors and gauges that allow them to be used in many applications including: exterior facade and roof, interior walls, floors and ceilings. Panel are durable and have a high resistance to fungus, humidity, climate variations, noise and fire.

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Armstrong Woodworks Ceiling- New Woodworks Grille Tegular

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings now offers the Woodworks Grille system as a 'drop in' tegular 2'x2' panel. The panel will lay into a standard ceiling grid similar to ACT. This makes specifying a wood ceiling and accessing the space above much easier. The panels are meant to make the grid above 'dissappear'.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interior Product Resources- Interior Design Magazine

Looking for new interior products and are running out of resources? Try Interior Design Magazine's ProductFIND search engine,  it's a great resource for new companies and products on the market.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Edge Wall Treatment- 3 Form

3 Form had introduced a new modular 'ready/ easy to install' wall treatment system that utilizes Varia Ecoresin to create a sculptural effect.  'Edge' offers 4 basic configurations with preconfigured hardware. Edge can be cut to any size and reconfigured to allow for easier custom sculptural walls.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outdoor Musical Instruments for Playgrounds/ Parks- Free Notes Harmony Park

Free Notes Harmony Park offers a unique product line of outdoor musical instruments for public parks and playgrounds. Instruments are permanently installed using exterior grade materials with excellent durability. Free Notes offers drums, chimes, bells and spinners that are fun for all ages and together their sounds combine beautifully.

Free Notes also offer instruments that are at ADA height and educate the public on the importance of music therapy and the power of drumming.


For more information on Free Notes Harmony Park instruments visit:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ergon Woodtalk Porcelain Tile - "A Floor in a Box"

Ergon Engineered Stone has a great new wood look product line called Woodtalk. This innovative porcelain tile product arrives to the installer via "floor in a box" which includes nine different tile sizes blended into each box. It can be used for both floor and wall applications. This product also comes in a coordinating mosaic style.
Find more details for this product at: 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beyond Demountable Partitions- Allsteel

Allsteel now offers demountable partitions with a new system called Beyond. Beyond won Gold at NeoCon this year and offers flexible mounting, power/ data, light and privacy options.  

 Find out more details on the system at:
Other manufacturers that offer demountable partitions include:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TalkTL Vertical Panels and Facade- Rainscreen

VECTR panels by TalkTL are a cement bonded high performance material and an alternative to GFRC, pre-cast concrete, stone and high pressure laminate panels for rear ventilated rain screen systems.  Standard panel size is 3'-10" x 9', 1/2" thick for interior or exterior use. TalkTL is based in Western Pennsylvania and all materials are locally sourced.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lamcel Panel- Exterior Cladding/ Canopies and Interior Walls and Ceilings

Lamcel panels can be used for exterior claddings and canopies, interior walls and ceilings. Panels are light wieght and come in a varitey of sizes making custom orders simple. Panels can be perforated metal or solid face panel with a honeycomb core. Lamcel panel are rigid and can span longer distances without structural support.  Panels have a high recycled content and can also be designed to have insulating properties.

Figueras International Seating- Auditorium Seating

Figueras International Seating offers a wide variety of fixed, telescoping seating/ risers and mobile assembly seating ideal for higher education. Below is a link to view a recent engineered seating project in Gran Carnaria, Spain.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gordon Interior Specialties- Wall Base

Gordon Interior Specialties Division offers an alternative to traditional wall base/ finishing products and techniques with the 800 Base Series. This base 'dissappears' and is ideal for residential and gallery/ museum applications.


Find out more information at:

Focal Point- XPC High Performance Lighting Controls

In September of last year we toured the Focal Point manufacturing facility and offices in Chicago, IL and were given a sneak peek of the XPC product and it's capabilities. Focal Point teamed with Lutron to create an easy to install (can be installed and programmed in under 5 minutes) wireless lighting control system to retrofit in existing classrooms. The XPC system integrates smart lighting technologies in existing buildings to save schools energy and money.

The XPC product is compatible with all Focal Point fixtures and allows wireless control of lighting with hand held controls and occupancy sensor. The controls allow lighting to adapt for AV or general use and can be reprogrammed easily.

The product is meant to achieve a smart and more efficient learning environment without upgrading to an expensive lighting control system. The product is now available on the market. Check out more information at: