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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Tile Standards- ANSI A137.1 and Crossville Product

Traditionally, designers and architects refer to the static coefficient of friction of 0.6 when selecting floor tile. The static coefficient of friction has always been a reccomendation or best practice followed but never code.  TCNA has adopted a new standard that has been officially included in ANSI 2012 under section A137.1. The dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) is the new standard test that is required by code for all floor tile products. Tiles will be required to have a DCOF of 0.42 or higher to meet the standard.  The DCOF test uses motion (and soapy wet surface) instead of a static dry/ static wet approach in testing since building occupants are in motion when slips happen on wet tile surfaces.

Crossville tile has published a chart with DCOFs for each tile line. Only polished products do not meet the new standard.

Other new product from Crossville includes Ecocycle Americana and Shades. Ecocyle Americana is an old product with a new recycled content story. All of Crossville's tile that contains recycled content now contains not only post industrial tile dust and scraps but, post consumer Toto porcelain plumbing fixtures. Toto plumbing fixtures have been crushed/ ground down into the recycled content mixture. For more information on Ecocycle Americana visit:

Shades is a new product Crossville developed for the Federal Building (by Mies Van Der Rohe) renovation in Chicago with expanded colorways. Shades has 20% pre- consumer recycled content and comes in matte or honed finish. For more information visit:

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